2023 King of the Hammers

February 2nd - February 11th, 2023

Tracker is mandatory for Trucks, Cars & UTVs, required by Ultra 4 Racing Association.

IMPORTANT: If you believe you have a credit, please contact info@racingtrax.com to have your order transferred.

Racers will be automatically charged a $100 late fee if the assigned RacingTraX Tracker is not returned immediately after your KOH race event that same day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Devices that are not handed in on-site must then be mailed back and received by RacingTrax within 10 days. Tracking numbers will not be accepted as proof of return. You will be subject to a standard weekly non-refundable late fee of $200 per device (race and chase units) until the equipment is returned.

You are responsible for your lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged devices. The unit replacement cost is $1,400 USD ($800 main unit, $600 smart antenna). If the device is damaged but not destroyed, you will be only charged for the repairs providing the device is returned within 10 days following the race.

If you would like to view the full version of our Terms and Conditions, you can view it online, or download a copy.

Step 1

Team and Contact Information

Please enter the Driver Name, Team Name and Team Number for use on our Live Map. If you plan on renting more than one device, enter multiple Driver Names and Team Numbers.

Team Information on the Map and Leaderboard will appear exactly as typed below.

Additionally, contact information is required in the event we need to contact you regarding your order.

For any questions, concerns or comments regarding RacingTrax or provided services, please call, text or e-mail: